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Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Nanomedicine

ISSN 2330-9318 (Print)

ISSN 2330-9326 (Online)

Website: http://www.researchpub.org/journal/bmbn/bmbn.html

2014   Vol.2 No.1   
2013   Vol.1 No.1 Vol.1 No.2
Volume 02, Number 01  (February 2013)
Table of Contents and Other Info [PDF]
Added Value of Hepatic Enzymes on Endoscopic Ultrasound Assessment of Jaundice Caused by Biliary Tumors
Andrada Seicean, Cristian Tefas, Simona Vultur and Radu Seicean
BMBN 2014; 2(1): 1-4
[Abstract] [PDF]

The Implication of Angiogenesis in Endometriosis
Razvan Ilie and Ioana Ilie
BMBN 2014; 2(1): 5-12
[Abstract] [PDF]

Nanoparticles-Based Cancer Vaccines
Teodora Mocan
BMBN 2014; 2(1): 13-14
[Abstract] [PDF]

The Impact of Cytokines and Chemokines on Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
Meda Cosma
BMBN 2014; 2(1): 15-16
[Abstract] [PDF]

Macrophages Targeted Drug Delivery as a Key Therapy in Infectious Disease
Tabaran Alexandru-Flaviu and Catoi Cornel
BMBN 2014; 2(1): 17-20
[Abstract] [PDF]

Detection of Intracellular Gold Nanoparticles
Andrei Gonciar
BMBN 2014; 2(1): 21-25
[Abstract] [PDF]

The Impact of Anesthesia and Surgery on Plasma Cytokine Production
Adina Hadade
BMBN 2014; 2(1): 26-29
[Abstract] [PDF]