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Volume 02 Number 01  (2013)
Technical Efficiency in the Production of Aggregate Regional Health Outcomes in Italy
Author(s) Claudio Pinto

The World Health Organization report 2000 consider improving health the main objective of the health systems. The report introduce a framework for assessing health system performance, and assert that the different degrees of efficiency with which health systems organize and finance themselves, and react to the needs of their populations, explain much of the widening gap in death rates between the rich and poor, in countries and between countries, around the world. In Italy the responsibility of manage, organize and finance health care system, is of the Regions. The different degree of efficiency between Italian health regional system, in the achieving the objective of the maintenance of the health status of their population, is therefore, for us, important as much as at country level. Here, we use data envelopment analysis to measure relative technical efficiency between health care regional system in Italy. Assuming different technology specification, we found a substantial high level of technical efficiency in the production of aggregate health outcomes for it. An average the 0.98160 is the degree of technical efficiency in constant return of scale, and 0.98869 is in the variable return to scale technology. The bias correct efficiency score, on average, are 0.9581 and 0.9739 respectively. The efficiency to scale is in mean 0.9929.

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