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Homeostasis of Tissue Barriers

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Website: http://www.researchpub.org/journal/htb/htb.html

Aims and Scope

"Homeostasis of Tissue Barriers" published online will provide an international forum for the publication of original articles and reviews on research of the tissue homeostatic barriers that ranges from the most fundamental and theoretical work, whether conducted in vivo in laboratory or in in vitro or in silico multiscale modeling, through to translational, applied, and clinical investigations.

Original regular articles, short reports, or reviews will be published under the following scientific categories:

  • Architecture of barrier cell networks: immunohistology, in vitro cultured cell imaging.
  • Theoretical and in silico multiscale (compartmental to 3d) modeling of tissue barrier physiology, biology and biophysics.
  • Homeostasis of trans-barrier trafficking.
  • Barrier innate defense mechanisms in health and disease: interplay of parenchymal, epithelial, endothelial, mesenchymal, reticuloendothelial, and lymphoid components.
  • Barrier dynamics, renovation, and remodeling in trauma and injury.
  • Bio-engineering of tissue barriers for cell therapy and in vitro pharmacology.
  • Strategic objectives

    To address and promote appeal of the scientific and public audience for specific aspects of an emerging area of system biology, i.e., biology of tissue barriers, in order to sustain progress in translational biomedicine and to make the emphasized research area and the proposed e-Journal more attractive for R&D and Crowdfunding.