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Homeostasis of Tissue Barriers

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Website: http://www.researchpub.org/journal/htb/htb.html

Tissue barriers mediate numerous interfaces of tissues organs and entire organisms with ambient and internal environments including the body's circulating fluids. In vertebrates, tissue barriers are constituted by multidimensional interactive networks of mesenchymal, epithelial, reticuloendothelial, endothelial, and lymphoid cells that sustain structural integrity, and mechanical, thermal, immunochemical and redox homeostasis of internal organs and biological fluids. These (barrier) cell networks also sustain the systemic communications of tissues and organs and prevent bacterial colonization and infection.

Homeostatic responses of the tissue barriers to injury, drugs, toxic agents, infections as well as to changes of environmental conditions and genetically-programmed transformations require re-constitution and/or remodeling of their cell contents along with activation of respective adaptive and innate defense mechanisms in order to support physiological balance of individual organs and entire organisms. Thus, it is hard to overestimate importance of barrier functions in life and death. With this perspective a multidisciplinary journal on homeostasis of tissue barriers could mediate progress in the clinical and translational science.