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International Journal of Food and Nutrition Science

ISSN 2165 - 5308 (Print)

ISSN 2165 - 5316 (Online)

Website: http://www.researchpub.org/journal/ijfns/ijfns.html

Volume 03, Number 01  (2014)
Variability of Sorbitol/Xylitol Content in Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) Juice As Affected by Processing Conditions
Author(s) Ilkay Türkmen Ozen, Sercan Karav and Aziz Eksi

In this study, effects of factors including decaying of material, heating, enzymation, fermentation and pressing with or without peel/husk on the amount of sorbitol/xylitol in pomegranate juice were examined. In comply with findings, while decaying of the fruit and fermentation of the juice increased sorbitol/xylitol content in pomegranate juice, heating and enzymation process had no significant effect.Pressing of fruit with peel also increased sorbitol/xylitol content in pomegranate juice due to the fact that sorbitol/xylitol content of peel is more than that of aril. The results reveal that while sorbitol/xylitol content in the juice samples obtained from arils of five different pomegranate varieties ranged between 61-190 mg/L, the amount of sorbitol/xylitol in juice samples obtained from the peel of fruits was between 408 and 864 mg/L.

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