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Journal of Biochemical and Pharmacological Research

ISSN 2168-8761 (Print)

ISSN 2168-877X (Online)

Website: http://www.researchpub.org/journal/jbpr/jbpr.html

2016   Vol.4 No.1      
2015   Vol.3 No.1      
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2013   Vol.1 No.1 Vol.1 No.2 Vol.1 No.3 Vol.1 No.4
Volume 01, Number 04  (December 2013)
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Research Articles
3-amino-4-(3-hexylphenylamino)-4-oxobutyl phosphonic acid (W146), a Selective Antagonist of Sphingosine-1-phospahte Receptor Subtype 1, Enhances AMD3100-stimulated Mobilization of Hematopoietic Stem Progenitor Cells in Animals
Jingjing Liu, Jiawei Zhao, Jen-Fu Lee, Allison Gartung, Hiba Jawadi, Wenliang Zhang, David Lominadze and Menq-Jer Lee
Abstract  Full Paper: PDF (Size:1527KB)
JBPR 2013; 1(4):197-203

Interleukin-6 Induces the Down Regulation of Human Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor Alpha via the MAPK-induced STAT Pathway in Human Hepatocytes
Guat-Siew Chew, Stephen Myers, Kheng Leong Ooi, Alexander Chong Shu-Chien and Tengku Sifzizul Tengku Muhammad
Abstract  Full Paper: PDF (Size:6688KB)
JBPR 2013; 1(4):204-211

Safety Evaluation of R(+)-Alpha Lipoic Acid-Gamma Cyclodextrin Complex
Naoko Ikuta, Yukiko Uekaji, Daisuke Nakata, Keiji Terao and Seiichi Matsugo
Abstract  Full Paper: PDF (Size:179KB)
JBPR 2013; 1(4):212-218

Raptor Association with PDK1 Is Necessary for T-loop Phosphorylation of Akt in Prostate Cancer Cells Stimulated with 8-CPT-2-Me-cAMP
Uma K. Misra and Salvatore V. Pizzo
Abstract  Full Paper: PDF (Size:3574KB)
JBPR 2013; 1(4):219-227

Homozygous Deletion of Glutathione Peroxidase 1 and Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 1a1 Genes Is Not Associated with Schizophrenia-Like Behavior in Mice
Xiang Bai, Elizabeth Fermandez, Georgianna Gould and Randy Strong
Abstract  Full Paper: PDF (Size:300KB)  PubMed   PMC
JBPR 2013; 1(4):228-235

In vitro and In vivo Antioxidant Potential of Japanese Kumaisasa Bamboo Leaf (Sasa senanensis Rehd)
Afifa Khatun, Kanako Nakajima, Masafumi Saito, Vijayasree Vayalanellore Giridharan, Hideo Hara and Tetsuya Konishi
Abstract  Full Paper: PDF (Size:1263KB)
JBPR 2013; 1(4):236-244