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Francisco Bulnes is mathematician and Doctor in Mathematical Sciences from UNAM, with doctoral thesis: Some relations between the cohomological induction of Vogan-Zuckerman and Langlands classification. He has a post-doctorate in infinite Lie theory and their applications in Informatics and quantum electrodynamics in Cuba. Full member in ANS (American Nano Society) as distinction for their scientific trajectory. He authored many specialist books: conference compilations, advanced treatise of mathematics for scientists and engineers, technical monographs and mathematical specialist monographs as example: http://www.intechopen.com/books/orbital-integrals-on-reductive-lie-groups-and-their-algebras. All with ISBN and published for many universities in and out from Mexico. The Dr. Bulnes also have published many mathematical papers in international journals and chapters of Books of mathematical physics. He is an expert in quantum electrodynamics, infinite Lie theory, field theory, integral geometry, cohomology of cycles (motivic and relative) and nanotechnology. He belongs to many editorial boards of journals of mathematics as reviewer and scientific support. He has been chairman and first adviser of many international events in pure and applied mathematics and have some tools and mathematical theorem with his name. He was co-Principal of the doctoral seminar of Lie groups in the Institute of Mathematics-UNAM, and badges, fellowships and other distinctions in the doctoral seminar of research, Head of the Research Department in Mathematics and Engineering, TESCHA, and he is researching on total digital of production and distribution energy plants, on the classification problem of irreducible unitary representations and on one new theory of the Universe with MIT and Harvard groups. He is president of GI (Research Group), the most important research group in State of Mexico. Dr. Bulnes is considered to be a big authority in more than 20 countries on an international scale. He is Editor-in Chief of Journal on Photonics and Spintronics. In this last respect also research on nano-medicine having many works, conferences and papers published.

Email: francisco.bulnes@tesch.edu.mx