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Lusophone Management and Administration Review

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Website: http://www.researchpub.org/journal/lmar/lmar.html

L-MAR is an interdisciplinary journal aiming to publish high-quality research on the specificities of management, administration and business organization in Lusophone countries or in countries or settings with a cultural influence of the Lusophone “way of management”. L-MAR has an open-lens approach and seeks contributions grounded on different methodological standpoints and assumptions, including valuable case-study research, coming from different fundamental sciences including sociology, economics, psychology, history, public management, geography and territorial studies, marketing, anthropology and other relevant sciences for the interdisciplinary field of Management. Interesting topics of research include (although are not exclusive of) people management and human resources management issues, organizational structure, strategy, culture and leadership, mergers and acquisitions, international business and management, public organization theory, well-being and organizational performance, operations management, marketing and consumer behavior, entrepreneurship, innovation, organizational change and development, power and control issues, and not-for-profit organizations management.